Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Foundation

Who established the Trützschler Foundation?

The Trützschler Foundation was established by resolution of the shareholders of Trützschler Group SE in 2021 to give special expression to the social activities of the company.

Why was the Trützschler Foundation established?

With the establishment of the Trützschler Foundation, the shareholders of Trützschler would like to fulfill their social responsibility. The Foundation stands for a sustainable project in which especially children and adolescents are supported on their way into society.

Who is the contact person for the Foundation?

For all questions and matters concerning the Foundation, please contact: info(at)truetzschler-foundation.de. The Foundation team is always there to help and advise you.

What are the goals of the Trützschler Foundation?

The Trützschler Foundation is particularly committed to supporting children, adolescents and young adults. It sees itself as their active companion in various areas of life and primarily pursues the following purposes:

1) Learning and education
By supporting scientific and educational institutions
2) Sport and exercise
By supporting sport projects
3) Science and research
By supporting scientific research projects and awarding scholarships for students and trainees through to supporting doctoral theses

For more information, see here.

What constitutes a charitable foundation?

A charitable foundation is an independent legal form. It requires the pursuit of non-profit, charitable purposes from which the general public benefits. What is considered non-profit is defined in the so-called Fiscal Code according to section 53: A corporation pursues charitable purposes if its activities are aimed at supporting persons selflessly. The Trützschler Foundation implements this with its Foundation goals (see Goals).

Questions about funding

How can I apply for funding?

As long as a new project meets our statutory purposes, funding can be applied for at any time. You can find all detailed information on our funding guidelines and the Foundation's statutes <link en contact internal-link internal link in current>here.

How long does the Foundation provide funding? Is funding limited in time?

As a rule, financial support is limited in time. It depends on the project-specific needs.

Questions about donations

How can I make a donation?

To support our projects and funding goals, we would appreciate your donation to:

Trützschler Foundation
IBAN: DE63 3104 0015 0200 0800 00
Commerzbank Mönchengladbach